'17 Spring Conference: Creating a Superior Patient Experience
Rose Glenn, SVP, Communications & Chief Experience Officer at Henry Ford Health System, provided a SHSMD Update and the Morning Keynote focusing on the cultural and operational changes that are being made to improve the care experience in the large, complex organization.   
'17 Spring Conference: Competencies for Strategic Planners: What the C-Suite Has to Say!
John W. Fick, Ed.D., FACHE, President of MSHPM, and Professor at Siena Heights University gave one of 3 Concurrent Presentations.  In Dr. Fick's presentation, participants learned how U.S. hospital leaders perceive competencies upon job entry and self-reflect on whether their internal leadership development programs contain appropriate learning strategies to help emerging strategists improve underdeveloped competencies as perceived by U.S. hospital leaders.
'17 Spring Conference: Patient Engagement through Digital Communication
Megan Yore is the Chief Communications Officer & Director of Marketing at Lakeland Health, and the President-Elect of MSHPM.  Recomendations still drive many healthcare decisions, but the communication channels have gone from back-yard fence conversations to crowd-sourced opinions.  In Megan's Concurrent Presentation, particpants learned about two digitally-based communications tactics to increase patient engagement.  
'17 Spring Conference: Innovation - From Start to Sustainability
Jeff Schilling is the Principal consultant at Schilling Consulting Services, Inc., and the Treasurer of MSHPM.  In his Concurrent Presentation, he explained the lengthy “upstream” process that results in true innovation, what an organization needs to do to foster more innovation, and most importantly, how to leverage innovation for greater impact and organizational sustainability  
'17 Spring Conference: Providing More with Less - Building Capacity in Mental health Services During Difficult Times
Jennifer L Dale, CNM, is the Director of Business & Fund Development at New Center Community Services.  Jennifer provided the Luncheon Keynote Address in which she described how New Center was able to add increasingly comprehensive and integrated behavioral health services using a variety of strategies and tactics that include coportate and community partnerships.
'17 Spring Conference: Strategy execution - Missed it by this much!
The Afternoon Keynote Address featured Vicki Schroeder, MA, Principal and CEO of VSE Healthcare Consulting, LLC.  Most organizations believe they are successful in executing strategy, yet statistics show that 70% of organizations fail.  In her presentation, Vicki explored this preception / reality gap, why it exists, and what you and your organization can do about it to succeed.
'17 Spring Conference: MSHPM Status Report
John Fick, President of MSHPM, provided a status report on the Society, touching on a variety of new initiatives. 
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